Activities 10 – 12 Months

It is both exciting and important to watch your baby develop throughout the first 12 months! We have gathered some games and activities to help your baby develop with stimulation and to also assist in positive bonding between you and your baby.

  • Reading to your baby at any age is always a special bonding experience. Your child listens to your voice and is stimulated by pop-out books and sensory books that develop fine motor skills.
  • Another fun way to dance with your baby is to have your baby on your hip and dance to the hokey pokey. This builds your baby’s language skills and rhythm skills as you sign and point out each body part that is mentioned in the song.
  • As you have nurtured your baby, it is common that your child will play house and want to nurture his/her dolls. You can develop your child’s nurturing skills by putting a diaper on a doll or stuffed animal and help your child to change the diaper. Your child will love copying you and being a mommy or a daddy.
  • Finger painting or painting with water colors is perfect to enhance eye-coordination while being a fun activity for both you and your baby. See what masterpiece your child can create!
  • Crawling is important for your baby and an activity that involves your baby crawling and using his/her gross motor skills is to have your baby try to crawl on you! Lay beside your baby and bond with your baby as they try to conquer the challenge of wiggle over you.