No Smoking

Babies should not be exposed to cigarettes or smoke in any way, shape, or form. Did you know that there are three different types of smoke and ways to inhale it?

  1. First-hand smoke: This is when smoke is inhaled directly from smoking cigarettes.
  2. Second-hand smoke: The smoke is inhaled by someone who is not smoking cigarettes (either from the cigarette itself or blown by the smoker).
  3. Third-hand smoke: This is when residual gas particles from smoke fall on every surface where a cigarette was lit. This includes; clothing, hair, furniture, and more. It takes at least three washes to remove these particles.

Caregivers should never smoke around a baby. If you must smoke, be sure to do it outside and away from the baby. And remember change your clothing before handling him/her again to avoid exposing the baby to third hand smoke.

Why must you smoke outside?

If you smoke inside, the baby will be exposed to both second hand and third hand smoke. When you smoke inside, the particles from the smoke will be on all the surfaces that your baby touches. It will be on your carpet, couch, bed, and their sleeping environment. For example, if you smoke inside and you practice tummy time, the baby will breath in the smoke off your carpet or their tummy time mat.

What are the benefits of quitting before or during pregnancy?

Quitting smoking before or during your pregnancy will

  • decrease your chances of a miscarriage,
  • reduce health risks in the last three months of pregnancy,
  • lower chance of an early birth,
  • increase the birth weight of your baby,
  • and lower the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

There is nothing healthy about a cigarette. You may be surprised to hear what cigarettes are made of. What exactly is in cigarettes, you ask?


If after hearing the facts about cigarettes you are considering switching to E-cigarettes, you should think about the harm those can have on your baby too. E-cigarettes and vapor pens do still contain nicotine which can harm your baby if you are pregnant. Nicotine will constrict your blood vessels and restrict the blood flow to the baby. This will limit the nutrients your baby receives through the placenta.

Ways to substitute your smoking habits

If you smoke when you:

  • Drink coffee
  • Finish a meal
  • Watch TV

Try to:

  • Switch to tea or hot chocolate.
  • Move around and take a walk after.
  • Find another hobby or distraction such as; doodling, drawing, playing cards, and meditating.

*Activities that involve the use of your hands are the best substitution to smoking.

Use cigarette substitutes

If your mouth needs a substitute, there are several healthier alternatives to the cigarettes. You could try:

  • chewing gum,
  • biting on a straw or toothpick,
  • eating fresh fruit, or even sugar free candy.

If your hands need a distraction, there are many tricks for that too. You could try:

  • carrying a straw,
  • playing with a rubber band or paper clip,
  • squeezing a rubber ball,
  • or doing a crossword puzzle.