Laundry Room

When you think about baby proofing your home, many people may not think of the laundry room. But as a parent you know that you never get a moment to yourself, and if you do, you know something is wrong. That’s why you need to make sure every room is safe for your child, whether you bring them in with you or they somehow make their way into the room without you knowing it.

Here are some baby proofing tips we have gathered specifically for the laundry room:

    • If possible, lock the door to your laundry room to make sure no child enters when you are not there.
    • Keep toys and all baby friendly items out of the laundry room as much as possible to keep the children from being interested in the room.
    • Make sure all cords are tucked away or covered up to reduce the risk of tripping.
    • Always empty the laundry basin in the laundry room to reduce the risk of accidental drowning.
    • Clean up any spilled water and clear any floor drains to prevent the risk of injuries due to slipping.
    • Install locks on to your washer and dryer, especially if they are both front loading. Children of a young age can climb in and become trapped.
    • Do not allow children to play on or near the appliances.
    • Make sure your appliances do not tilt or rock to avoid the risk of it tipping over on top of your child.
    • Do not leave your iron on or in reach of a child.
    • Do not leave ironing boards or collapsible clothes racks out where children can get to them, unless you want to deal with a lot of pinched fingers!
    • Never keep the detergent or chemicals on the floor, on top of the washer, or in a laundry basket where they can easily be accessed by a child.
    • Keep all laundry detergents, soaps, chemicals such as bleach, in a cabinet secured with a child lock, or put it up and out of reach.
    • Laundry pods can be especially dangerous because to some children they may look edible. If you use laundry pods, be sure to buy a child proof/lockable container to store them in when you are not doing laundry.
    • Use “Mr. Yuck” stickers on all cleaning products both in and outside of the laundry room. And begin teaching your child about “Mr. Yuck” from an early age. Please remember, although a sticker may deter some children from ingesting a poisonous substance, it may not stop all. The only way to fully protect your child is to make sure all chemicals are put away were they cannot get to them.