Medication Safety


Make sure you and all other caregivers who watch your child know the number for Poison Control, 1-800-222-1222.

Your Medication

  • All medication should be put up and away. If possible, keep them locked up.
  • Make sure all medication is out of sight. Even if you put it up high, be sure to put it out of sight of curious children.
  • If you keep medications in your purse or in bags, make sure that you put your bags into a secure location or up high to limit the chance of your child ingesting your medication.
  • Make sure all medications are kept in child proof containers.

Your Child’s Medication

  • Use only measuring devices specific for medication when giving your child medicine Do not use table or tea spoons to measure out medicine as they do not provide accurate or correct measurements.
  • When leaving your child with another caregiver, make sure that you clearly write out all directions for your child’s medicinal needs.

Write out the following:

  1. The name of the medication(s)
  2. The dosage
  3. How many times a day
  4. And/or when to give it to them (i.e. time of day, with or without meals, etc.)

Grandparent Medication

  • If you are leaving your baby with their grandparents, make sure that they are aware of their medication.
  • Ask about what room they normally take their medication in. Ask if your children will have access to that room. If they do, make sure that they put their medication up and out of sight. Make sure there are not loose pills sitting out on a counter, dresser, or on the floor.
  • If grandma keeps medication in her purse, make sure her purse is put away somewhere safe.