Second Trimester

The second trimester includes months 4, 5, and 6 of pregnancy (weeks 13-27). This is an exciting time for many during pregnancy because most women feel their best during this stage of pregnancy, your baby bump is beginning to show, and you get to feel your baby move for the first time! In this section we have collected some must-know information for your second trimester of pregnancy!

Second Trimester Watch List

  • Continue taking pictures of your baby bump to watch your baby grow!
  • Around the 20th week you will feel your baby kick for the first time!
  • You get to find out your baby’s sex (if you want to, of course!)

Second Trimester To-Do List

  • Continue going to your prenatal appointments.
  • Track your weight – During this semester you should gain about 12 pounds. This weight gain will help your body to accommodate your growing baby.
  • Monitor your blood pressure and learn the symptoms or preeclampsia.
  • Start decorating your nursery – many women start decorating their nursery around this time.
  • Sign up for childbirth classes, either through your local hospital or in your community.
  • Find prenatal exercise classes to keep you healthy.
  • Shop for maternity clothes.

Second Trimester Don’ts

  • Do not drink alcohol. There is no safe amount of alcohol to consume during pregnancy.
  • Do not use drugs of any kind.
  • Do not smoke. The chemicals in cigarettes, cigars, and other similar products can cause many developmental defects during pregnancy.