Activities 4 – 6 Months

It is both exciting and important to watch your baby develop throughout the first 12 months! We have gathered some games and activities to help your baby develop with stimulation and to also assist in positive bonding between you and your baby.

  • To help your baby learn where the source of a sound comes from, you can use a squeaky toy for this game. Show your baby how the toy squeaks and then help your baby to make the noise by using their hand to play with the toy.
  • Strengthening head control and balance is important for your baby and a fun way to do that is to carry your baby on your hip and dance to a song. Choose any upbeat music and take careful steps as you gently move your hips back and forth to dance with your baby.
  • Auditory and rhythm can be improved by finding small containers to use as drums with your baby. Your baby can hit the drum with its hands and you can sing to make different noises and rhythms.
  • A good game for visual skills is to set your baby on your lap in a darkened room and shine a flashlight in different spots throughout the room. Your baby’s eyes will be mesmerized by the light and follow the movement of the light. This can be relaxing for your baby and may be done before bed time.
  • While participating in tummy-time, a cute activity to do to use your baby’s hand-eye coordination, is to blow some bubbles in front of your baby as he/she is laying on their belly. Even though your baby won’t be able to catch the bubbles, trying to grab them or watch them is beneficial for his/her development.