Dr. Eileen Tyrala’s Bio

Since 2003, Dr. Tyrala has been the Medical Director for Cribs for Kids, devoting her time and energy to spreading the infant safe sleep message at the local, state, and national levels.

She worked with Cribs for Kids and PA State Representative Lawrence Curry on the successful passage of Act 73 of 2010 which mandated that all maternity centers in PA provide education to new families on how to protect their infant from sleep-related infant death.

With support from the Innovator’s Circle program at Abington Memorial Hospital, she co-authored and co-produced the award-winning educational video for families, “Safe Sleep for Your Baby, Right From the Start.”

She currently provides advice to families on safe sleep as the author of “Ask the Pediatrician” on the Cribs for Kids website, the Safe Sleep Academy. She is the lead physician on a PA American of Pediatrics EPIC program (Educating Providers in the Community) “Decreasing Preventable Deaths in Infants, Spreading the Safe Sleep Message.”

She started a Cribs for Kids program, focusing on the needs of families in North Philadelphia, a high-risk area for sleep-related infant deaths.

She is the lead investigator on a pilot project in Philadelphia aimed at bringing safe sleep education into the prenatal clinic.

She is a member of the Fetal Infant Mortality Review or FIMR Team for the City of Philadelphia which is focusing its’ efforts on sleep-related infant deaths in Philadelphia and the launch of an infant safe sleep campaign for the City.

She is a member of the PA AAP’s safe sleep committee which works to promote awareness of infant sleep-related issues throughout PA.