Activities 7 – 9 Months

It is both exciting and important to watch your baby develop throughout the first 12 months! We have gathered some games and activities to help your baby develop with stimulation and to also assist in positive bonding between you and your baby.

  • To help develop your baby’s speech it can be fun to hold a play phone up to their ear and have a conversation with your baby. Practicing a conversation with your baby by asking questions and pausing for a response is great to support communication development.
  • Making funny faces and smiling to your baby is a good way to develop visual recognition with your child. As your baby is seated in front of you, slowly change your facial expression from smile to a surprised look and watch the fascination in your baby’s eyes. As your baby grows he/she will begin to mimic the funny faces that you make as you play this game.
  • Another visual game to play with your baby is to have your baby in your lap, and using a flashlight shining against a wall…put your hands in front of the light to make shadows! You can wave against the light or make different shapes with your hands. Watch as your baby enjoys the different sights and even use his/her hand to create a shadow.
  • For your baby’s fine-motor skills, you can play a simple hide and seek game. During snack time, you can show your baby a cracker or piece of food and then cover it with a napkin. Watch as he wonders where the food went and then unveil that the food is under the napkin. The sense of discovery and wonder will make this game intriguing for your baby.
  • Clapping and singing is so fun for your baby. It also develops the skill of two-hand coordination. Play either patty cake or just sing and clap to music together with your baby.