Third Trimester

Your due date is quickly approaching, only a matter of weeks stands between you and your new baby! Your third trimester includes months 7, 8, and 9 (weeks 28-40).

Third Trimester To-Do List

  • Continue going to your prenatal visits. During this trimester, your doctor will increase the number of your visits from once a month to once every two weeks (usually weeks 28-36), to once a week in the final weeks of your pregnancy (weeks 36-40).
  • Count the kicks – Keeping track of your baby’s movement helps you to be aware if anything outside of the ordinary changes in your pregnancy. If you are tracking and notice a change in your baby’s behavior, notify your doctor immediately.
  • Learn the signs and stages of labor.
  • Prepare for breastfeeding or if you are using formula, make sure that you some for when your baby comes home.
  • Pack your bag for the hospital.
  • Babyproof your home.

Third Trimester Don’ts

  • Do not drink alcohol. There is no safe amount of alcohol to consume during pregnancy.
  • Do not use drugs of any kind.
  • Do not smoke. The chemicals in cigarettes, cigars, and other similar products can cause many developmental defects during pregnancy.